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This is my culinary art page. When people refer to culinary art they usually imply education and the culinary school system. This is why I have provided a page on the culinary art schools I recommend, you will find the link below. However I want this page to be a reference in culinary arts at all levels; so I put in on the left link references to good recipe sites and pages I find interesting. If you would like your page evaluated and added to this selection, please email us the coordinates of your page and we will review it.

The secret to creation as opposed to execution:

This page will provide help and information to the aspiring Chef, wether recreational or pro. As for information, I have provided here links to the best recipe sites I know of, there is a link to a list of culinary arts schools as well in here. Coming up soon is a whole section on cooking tips. Cooking is something that can be learned, yes, but in order to create really good meals (as opposed to correct meals), you need this little extra glitter of genius that not everyone is born with. The first factor for success in culinary art revolves around initiative and self-confidence.

The cook that follows strictly recipes will create merely 'correct' meals, as in he or she has followed the instructions
so the outcome is predictably acceptable. As compared to a real good culinary artist, his meals will lack
that little something that makes the difference between good and great. Where is the art in merely following a recipe? For true culinary art to take place the chef uses the recipe as inspiration, as a basis; his experience and instinct will guide him into his creation.  The real artist can feel what will be good; what combinations will work together, and of course finally how to present his masterpiece by garnishing in an appetizing way each plate. Always strive to make yourself better, and to attain this one must keep an open mind.

Accordingly, I am not here telling you not to follow recipes! Recipes should be used for what they are meant for: to inspire. In order to successfully execute a meal or specialty you will need to follow the recipe a few times, be self-critical and apply necessary patches on your technique... only then you will be able to claim your mastery of this art...
Your very own culinary art...

Now after all this being said, you probably are on a path towards mastery of this art. In a way, we all are; for no one can ever claim perfect mastery. Of course culinary arts schools are an excellent way to begin your journey in this fascinating world. And in this world, reputation is everything.

For convenience here are a few links to good and reputable culinary art schools.  You will find there, sorted by state, every school that I recommend.  Here are the links: culinary art schools link list

So welcome to this very informal and casual culinary arts page; for your convenience I have put on the left the best recipes I have found on the internet with each new exploration. Have fun with it and never hesitate to go ahead and discover new culinary traditions such as Italian, Mexican, French, etc... this will help you achieve your own culinary masterpieces!

How to approach the realization of a fancy meal

Preparing an entire fancy meal will take time and most importantly organization, so everything is ready and at the right temperature when its time to serve... In this case I was preparing an Indian-style meal.

For example,
- If the meat needs to marinate, this is done the day before
- I start kneading the naan bread dough with the mixer (or bread machine)

There, I did it too early, so I missed and I found the next morning in the food processor bowl, so with these I made cheese rolls. My organization still has its flaws!

- I start with the dishes that need ingredients to be chilled and I put them in the refrigerator
- I prepare for each dish my spice mixes in advance
- Chop a bunch of cilantro and I peel the quantities of onion, garlic and ginger, which I will be required for all preparations

My kids' help was invaluable during all phases of the execution (and the dishes continuously).

And go!

I chose this meal: As an appetizer, vegetable samosas and borrowed from Minouchka and Goll bhaji And the menu itself, As a side dish of fresh vegetables, a carrot Pachad, also borrowed Minouchkah, and a peanut and cucumber salad (Khamang Kakdi) already published here, and I never get tired. It is both fresh and crisp, refreshing ... a delight. The legume was necessary this time a dish of spicy chickpeas. I used black chick peas found in the Indian district, but you can use regular chickpeas, chana dal or by adjusting the cooking time. I give you the recipe for today's chicken dish and the others will follow soon, promise! The meat dish was then made with chicken and marinade without: A specialty of Bombay, the Dhansak in which lentils cooked separately, then with the meat and vegetables. There are several steps to follow in the preparation, so it's pretty long, but simple, and you can prepare yourself spice blends that are not available here, or to approximate equivalences. The result is extraordinary, really, you must have eaten it once in your life!

I have included here a few links to help brush up one's italian cuisine culinary arts knowledge... those are all recipes I have tried at some point and liked, of course!

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Now, some french cuisine basics:

The bechamel sauce

A new passion of mine: mexican cuisine!

Traditional Mexican Recipes
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Birria Recipe

Some casual macaroni and cheese recipes:

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Find here all the classic lasagna recipes:

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Here is a collection of Curry Recipes:

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